Cultural Insights: The Global Significance of Pareos

Cultural Insights: The Global Significance of Pareos
Cultural Insights: The Global Significance of Pareos | Be Sunset

Cultural Insights: The Global Significance of Pareos

As a fashion and jewelry brand focused on sustainability and elegance, Be Sunset takes inspiration from various cultural elements to create unique and meaningful pieces. One such element that holds global significance is the pareo, a versatile and vibrant garment that transcends borders and tells a story of tradition and artistry.


Pareos, also known as sarongs, are rectangular pieces of cloth that are worn as skirts, dresses, shawls, or head coverings in many parts of the world. Originating from Southeast Asia, pareos have become a symbol of cultural identity and style, reflecting the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the regions where they are traditionally worn.

At Be Sunset, we celebrate the global significance of pareos by incorporating elements of their design and ethos into our collections. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of high-quality cambric cotton for our clothing pieces, ensuring not only style and comfort but also environmental consciousness.

The Artistry of Pareos in Jewelry

Just as pareos are known for their intricate patterns and vibrant colors, our jewelry collection at Be Sunset embraces the beauty and artistry of these cultural garments. Handcrafted using white bronze with 18k gold plating, our earrings link, necklaces link, and rings link are designed to complement the elegance and charm of pareos.


Each piece in our jewelry collection is a reflection of the cultural insights we gather from around the world, paying homage to the traditional craftsmanship and modern allure of pareos. By infusing these elements into our designs, we aim to create timeless pieces that resonate with our customers on a deeper level.

Pareos and Sustainability

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our choice of materials to the values we uphold as a brand. By planting over 400 trees in Spain with the help of our clients, we are not only offsetting our carbon footprint but also contributing to the preservation of nature and the environment.


Just as the fabric of pareos is woven with care and respect for the environment, our sustainable practices at Be Sunset are woven into the fabric of our brand. We believe that fashion should not only be beautiful but also responsible, reflecting the values of social and environmental consciousness that pareos embody.

Exploring Ready-to-Wear Collections

Our ready-to-wear collection link features pieces that are inspired by the versatility and elegance of pareos. From breezy dresses to flowing skirts, each garment is designed to embrace the fluidity and grace of this cultural garment, offering our customers a chance to experience its global significance in contemporary fashion.


By exploring the ready-to-wear collections at Be Sunset, customers have the opportunity to engage with the cultural insights embedded in our designs, allowing them to connect with the global significance of pareos through the lens of sustainable and stylish clothing.

The Timeless Appeal of Pareos in Jewelry

Our collection of bracelets link captures the timeless appeal of pareos, offering a fusion of traditional elegance and modern sophistication. Crafted with attention to detail and a passion for authenticity, each bracelet is a testament to the enduring beauty of cultural craftsmanship.


At Be Sunset, we believe that jewelry is more than just an accessory – it is a reflection of one's style, values, and cultural identity. By infusing the essence of pareos into our bracelet collection, we invite our customers to embrace the global significance of this cultural garment and wear it with pride.

Mid-Season Sale: Embracing Cultural Significance

As we celebrate the cultural insights that inspire our collections, we invite you to explore our mid-season sale and discover the beauty of pareos in every piece. From clothing to jewelry, each item is a reflection of the global significance of this versatile garment, offering you a chance to adorn yourself with elegance and purpose.


Join us in embracing the rich heritage and artistry of pareos, and experience the magic of sustainable fashion that transcends borders and time. At Be Sunset, we are committed to weaving cultural insights into every thread and metal, creating a tapestry of beauty and meaning for you to cherish.