Ear-cuffs Are Here to Stay

With exotic jewelry also comes one of the latest “trends” in fashion. Ear cuffs are an evolution of piercings, with one tiny but very important difference: you do not need to pierce your ear all around.  So if you scared of needles this might be your opportunity!! They simply attach to your ear’s cartilage. And it gets even better: you can easily modify your style simply attaching and detaching your ear cuffs on the most convenient way !! Helping you to create more elaborate designs which can perfectly combine with extra ear cuffs or if you are just looking for a jewelry refresh, simply combine them with statement earrings of your choice.

Maybe you are looking to give a Little touch of grunge to your wedding look, Funky or chic, but definitely an ear cuff Will help you create the most elaborated look accompanying your statement earrings for a wedding.

Also, for those without pierced ears, it adds a great variety of options, and Will perfectly complement unique earrings, Golden earrings or even long earrings.

On this article, we are going to show you step by step how to wear your earmuffs in order to become a wedding’s perfect guest.


Place yourself in front of a mirror and slip the cuff to your cartilage, then simply slip the opening of the cuff around it.


You need to slide the cuff, so hold the ear taut, and use the other hand to press. Here comes an easy trick: use the hand of the same side you are working on. Don’t  worry it doesn’t hurt 😉


Then use your other hand to slide the ear cuff down your ear and slightly rotate it to stick it to your ear.


Always check if you ear cuff is safely secured and you feel comfortable (it's not handy if it hurts)


Once you have properly placed your ear cuff, do a chek-list.:

  • Beautiful shoes  👠
  • Stunning dress  💃🏻 
  • Purse  👜
  • Big unique earrings 😍
  • Ear cuff  💝

Now make it shine! You just look irresistible 🏆

To tell you the truth, we have no idea if ear cuffs are simply a  trend, or if they are going to stay on the wave with our Indian jewelry and statement earrings forever, but what we do know is: whichever it is, you sure want to stay trendy, so go ahead and give yourself a treat. You have the right to stay marvelous. Our advice? Always go big.  😉