Party clutch: Find the best handbags for 2020 👝

Party clutch: Find the best handbags for 2020 👝

This is not a classic top 3 party clutch for the season 2020. In this article, our intention is to guide you through all the decisions which need to be taken when choosing your perfect party clutch for the 2020 season and solving some of your fears, giving your basic tips to become a perfect bridesmaid.


A party clutch is your best companion for any special event, and even for a casual occasion. It doesn't matter if you need a fashion accessory for a wedding as a guest if you have had the great honor of being picked as a bridesmaid, a party clutch, or if you are just looking to look gorgeous on a Saturday night social event, we are going to introduce you a basic guideline to make party clutches become your best friends for the wedding season 2020.


What is the perfect occasion to wear a party clutch?

Any social event is a great opportunity to wear a party clutch in 2020. You can find designs of party clutches for dress, party clutch for bridesmaid, party clutch for weddings and basically, for every single event you are going to attend.

As wedding season approaches, many family and social events are off to take place, and most of us struggle to find the perfect looks for every different event, because every single one of them is different, and so our outlook needs to be different. Do you need a different party clutch for every celebration? Well...ideally yes, but we going to guide you through our top 5 favorite party clutch so you can find the most suitable design for your social events.

Party clutch vs. jeweled bag

This is one of the most common questions you will find on the internet. Bloggers and fashion reporters fill the internet with tons of pros and cons for both, party clutches and jeweled bags, and you might wonder which one is our favorite. The answer? IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. The thin line which differences party clutches and jeweled bags is so blurred that many designs can be cataloged as both, so this is one concern you should pay no attention at all. If you are looking for a clutch, we are sure you have already chosen your perfect outfit and your perfect matching earrings and dress for that outfit, so stop, breathe and take the easiest step a bridesmaid has to take, picking your favorite party clutch for your outfit.

Where to shop a party clutch online?

The Internet is crowded with brands and designs, there are incredible designs with the best quality but we usually face one problem: They are overpriced.

There is no problem if we are under a budget, because thankfully, the internet is also crowded with tons of brands and designs on a budget, and they look amazing too, but, we all are aware at the end of the day, quality is not what it seems to be on a picture... This is the point at which we all start to get nervous and think it´s not as easy as it seemed at first. DO NOT WORRY!! In this article we are aware of these main problems, and we are going to introduce you to our TOP 3 party clutch ON A BUDGET with the best quality and design.

Top 3 party clutch

1. Fiesta Invitada Clutch

This hand-made, elaborated with raw silk design is perfect for special occasions and includes a removable off-should chain strap so you can use it as a clutch purse and as a handbag. It is a party clutch and a jeweled clutch at the same time, the raw silk adds up that extra texture to complete your look, combining much different craft on its making (from sequins to knitting) to give give it a very unique look to this exclusive hand clutch. Let's not forget it is available in three different colors!

2. Golden Blossom Clutch

This jeweled clutch is spectacularly beautiful and adds the most sophisticated look. Its spectacular craftsmanship includes a resin box and a fist jewel with gold plating, including mother of pearl and stones, representing a golden blossom. This spectacular design glows by itself and will be the icing on the top for any outlook to become the most spectacular bridesmaid.

3.Royal Charm Clutch with Stone Opening


This very high-quality velvet party clutch is available in three different colors and combines the delicacy of its handmaking with a soft velvety fabric to intensify your look for that special event. It includes an astonishing stone closing and a removable golden chain so you can use it a handbag too!