The Best Charming Initial Letter Alphabet Necklaces

The Best Charming Initial Letter Alphabet Necklaces

What is better than to have your own initial necklaces around your neck? It’s amazing right!! At Bombay Sunset we have an amazing collection for alphabet necklaces in gold plating, rose-gold plating and silver. There you go, we have you all counted. 


Lets get more insights on the alphabet letter necklaces

  1. Beauty of wearing these initial necklaces necklaces

  2. Is it okay to give someone the alphabet necklaces?

  3. Perfect place to wear these alphabet necklaces

  4. Best time to wear it

  5. Online sites to find initial letter pendant 

  6. Ideas to portrait alphabet charm necklace

  7. Conclusion

Beauty of wearing these initial necklaces necklaces

Wearing necklaces existed since time ancient,but to have your personalized initial letter pendant necklace is a bliss. It feels so good to include an alphabet letter necklace for your Christmas shopping list. The radiation that the initials emit is so powerful, that it grabs the attention of everyone. It even draws the attention of others to guess your name or remember your name with these alphabet necklace charms. For those who like it with zircons, then Bombay Sunset has fulfilled your dreams. The look of the alphabet's initial necklace with zircons is an eye catcher. Guess what, layering one letter initial necklace with another initial alphabet of your loved one or of your partner will increase the bond between you two. 

Is it okay to give someone the alphabet necklaces?


Definitely, it's one of the prettiest thing to gift your girl, your mom, your sis or even to your colleague on their birthday. Right from shopping, from Bombay Sunset website to getting it at your doorstep and then secretly wrapping this alphabet letter necklace and gift it to your beloved. If you ask for another suggestion then definitely I would say to give it to yourself. Besides the others being important to your life, you are important too. It is very common to give females the initial pendant necklace, right? Why don’t we give it to our male partner? It’s a good idea right? They will love to wear the alphabet letter necklace in silver with their initials hanging on it. So, cherish this gift of life with an initial letter pendant necklace.

Perfect place to wear these alphabet necklaces

Well, Well, Well, the options are many, but here are few of the best places to wear alphabet jewelry letters. One would be for the wedding, or to the office or to the party. You can even consider wearing it at home, for example if you consider wearing alphabet necklaces at home on days like ‘International Women Day’ or ‘Christmas Dinner’ with family and friends.


These will definitely be the best days to be the best version of you with alphabet charm necklaces. Consider wearing your partner’s initial letter pendant necklace for your date night and I am sure your partner will love it. You can even wear this alphabet charm necklace at the beach while you are watching the sunset.  So, go and get one initial necklace in gold, silver or rose-gold of your choice. 

Best time to wear it

If you are the day out person then consider wearing the hanging letter necklace as you go to drop your child to school or if you have a pet then consider wearing this hanging letter necklace as you take your pet out for a walk. The necklace will illuminate even more especially when the light falls on the zircons present on the alphabet letter necklace. The reflections from the stones will add extra shine to the alphabet letter necklace.

But, in case you are the night out person, then we have you counted. Try out the silver-plated necklace for the party. The silver-plated alphabet letter necklace will definitely shine with all the disco light around you, especially when the light hits the stones on the initial necklace

Online sites to find initial letter pendant 

One of the best recommended sites is BOMBAYSUNSET.COM. If you haven’t checked it out, then you must definitely check it. There are different plating options to choose from such as gold plating if you are the gold lover. There is also silver and rose gold plated if you love the letters pendant necklace to be in rose-gold or silver. So, why wait. Just visit Bombay Sunset website and you will be amazed to see all the letter initial necklace in all three plating. It's a good idea to have an initial alphabet necklace in the jewelry collections. Even our mothers will love to have one for hanging a letter necklace around her neck.

Ideas to portrait alphabet charm necklace


Layer one initial letter pendant necklace with another initial. For example you can try combining initial alphabet letters like 'H', 'A' and 'S' and express your love you HAVE from within. You can even combine wearing the initial alphabet necklace of your name in gold with your last name initial necklace in rose-gold. Just go crazy wearing this dashing initial letter pendant necklace. This is the age to go dashing with initial necklaces. Another way to express your love is to wear the letter pendant necklace to your loved one and your loved one can wear your initials. This will be so cool when you both are together! When you have this initial pendant necklace around, a photoshoot will be a good idea of you together. 


Kudos to you if you have read to the very end. Let’s not delay the purchase and get going to Get excited with the variety option of initial necklace gold, initial necklace rose-gold and initial necklace silver. Include one personalized initial charm in your shopping list and get it delivered at your doorstep. Let Santa come to your doorstep early this christmas. We have an exciting offer going on, and this is the best chance to grab one initial letter pendant necklace for yourself. You can be Santa to your mom, sis or your friend. Let’s celebrate together this season with great Joy, Love and Laughter!