Where to buy the perfect wedding earrings and how to choose them

Where to buy the perfect wedding earrings and how to choose them


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Your wedding is a very special moment in your life, and that really transcendental moment in which you confirm and seal the union with that person with whom you want to spend the rest of your days.

Weddings are really special events both for people who are getting married and for those who have been invited to such an important event.

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about wedding earrings, because wedding earrings are not only used by the bride, but also bridesmaids and rest of  wedding guests. There are many combinations, many options, and at the same time, many factors that you must be aware of when wearing wedding earrings.

Any questions you may have or even any concerns when choosing the most suitable wedding earrings for you, you will surely be able to resolve it in this article that we have prepared for you with the best of intentions.

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  • Some tips to wear wedding earrings
  • Mistakes you should not make by wearing weeding earrings
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    As we have stated before, wedding earrings can be very varied, and the recommendation to the different types of wedding earrings that can be used or worn during such an important event, can vary due to many factors that we will detail in depth in this article.

    Chandelier wedding earrings

    This is undoubtedly the most traditional type of earring, or what is currently being used most at weddings. Chandelier wedding earrings are usually the most recommended for bridesmaids but more for the bride herself because it provides a really sublime aesthetic and makes it enhance and stand out above the rest of the people who are present at that event.

    Let's not forget that during a wedding, the main star must be the bride, therefore, the bride must wear really magnificent wedding earrings, and the chandelier wedding earrings are usually the most suitable for that occasion.

    These wedding earrings are those that have different ropes and different elements that add a unique and unmatched beauty.

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    Vintage wedding earrings

    Regarding Vintage Weddings earrings we know that sometimes they are often believed to be the most rudimentary. However, let's not forget that, although the decoration of a wedding can be a bit rocky, the clothes that we can wear during a vintage wedding can be really very simple.

    Due to that detail of simplicity many of the vintage wedding earrings instead of being large or rustic, are usually rather small, simple, but always with a lot of style, as can happen in a vintage combination that approaches more specifically Shaby Chic style.

    That detail of something with a lot of style, but at the same time quite simple or even with touches of wear, is partly what you can look for in a vintage wedding, which highlights rather worn colors and make a good game with the rest of the accessories.

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    Modern wedding earrings

    Modern wedding earrings can be very, very varied. Actually, in many contemporary or modern weddings you choose or style for simplicity and therefore many brides wear modern wedding earrings, which are really small and simple. However, there are also trends towards modern weddings where brides wear really long earrings, but at the same time very thin.

    When it comes to modern wedding earrings, what we can really tell you about it is that the variety is so wide that it doesn't have to be a problem but rather an advantage.

    For modern weddings you can wear wedding earrings that suit your taste and comfort. Because it is essential that you do not forget that aesthetics is very important at weddings, but the true beauty of a woman emerges when she can be herself, and you can only be yourself when you focus on yourself, on being comfortable, sure of yourself, in true confidence and in a state of mind that allows you to project the best from you.

    long modern golden earrings

    Golden Rose Wedding Earrings

    Gold rose wedding earrings, or gold rose bridal earrings, are a more current trend today. These earrings add a look of true tenderness and at the same time very elegant to the brides, bridesmaids  and any woman in a wedding night.

    Actually, today gold rose earrings are very fashionable, especially when it comes to wedding earrings and bridal earrings because they are the most used by celebrities and influencers and prominent people on the internet, people who recommend them as an excellent option at current weddings.

    Gold rose wedding earrings are really perfect when you want to combine with a dress or a wedding decoration in which pastel colors predominate. It is also important to note that it is a matter of the past and a completely outdated idea, that of which gold can only or should only be exposed in golden color. Today we have examples such as gold rose wedding earrings that are a really modern, sophisticated and very elegant option.<


    The advice we can give you when selecting your best wedding earrings are basically the same as we have already stated in this article before.

    Regarding the hair here there is a helpful advice, if you fix it with a bow or with a large neckline, you will have an excellent opportunity to wear bridal earrings or wedding earrings that are larger, while On the other hand, if you want to use loose hair, the most ideal is that the wedding earrings or the earrings for brides that you are going to wear be really smaller.

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    You will also know that the size of the face and the colors you use in the rest of the accessories and especially in the dress, have a huge influence on your look, but beyond tiping you advices about how you should wear the wedding earrings, we would like to tell you what mistakes you should not make when selecting bridal earrings or wedding earrings.


    The first mistake that we want to warn you about or that we want you to avoid is to overload your look. When you want bridal earrings or large wedding earrings, which are long and at the same time wide and very striking, you should not do the same with the rest of the accessories, specially the dress.

    If you are wearing earrings for wedding or earrings for brides that are large and striking, try to make that the accessory be fine with it. Do not combine it with other accessories that are also large and striking, because in reality your look will be very bizarre and little aesthetic.

    On the other hand, just as you should not combine very striking things in terms of size, that recommendation also works regading colors. If the dress has many prints, try to make the wedding earring or bridal earring you are wearing as simple as possible.

    In order to use bridal earrings or wedding earrings with very striking or varied colors, you must make a combination in which the dress and the rest of the accessories do not have prints or the colors are primarily neutral.


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    Buying or choosing the most appropriate wedding earring for the occasion is something that requires that you take care of different factors. However, today it is easier because you can buy earrings for wedding online.

    We have the widest variety and at the same time we manage all those factors that should be considered to choose the best earrings for weddings.

    We know that it is not only about choosing wedding earrings that are beautiful or pleasing to the eye, but also that we, as experts, understand that some wedding factors are relevant such as color, face shape, the exposure of the neck, the dress, the wedding time, among several other details that are as elementary as important.

    Whatever type of wedding you are going to attend, we have a wedding earring suitable for each of those moments. And the most interesting thing is that you can choose the wedding earring of your dreams without having to leave your home.

    With us, you can buy from the place where you are most comfortable, just by having a smartphone and an internet connection.