House of Sunsets

Bombay Sunset Is The Pursuit Of Beauty. Timeless Beauty Because The World Will Keep Surprising Us With Memorable Moments, But Deciduous Too Because The Moment Is Gone And Now Lives In Your Soul.

My Designs Are Inspired By Small Things Like The First Flower Of Spring, A Timely Smile, Or A Sunset Spent Looking At The Horizon With A Special Person.But I Don’t Want To Offer Grand Words.

You See, In This Pursuit Of Beauty You Need To Live With The Five Senses. Some Of My Favourite Creations Are Inspired By Things You Can´T Even Hold In Your Hands Like A Feeling Of Warmth Or The Scent Of The Sea.

Pablo Picasso Once Said, “The Purpose Of Art Is Washing The Dust Of Daily Life Off Our Souls.” My Creations Are My Memories And Remind Me Of Everything Genuine And Joyful In Life. I Am Thrilled To Share The Beauty In The World With You.

Bombay Sunset Is A Pursuit Of Beauty, So Stay Beautiful, And Keep Dreaming.

Nidhi Patel
Creative Director

Meet Nidhi Patel, Creative Director of Bombay Sunset

Born and raised in India, she lived a tough childhood and learned to see beauty in small things.

Nidhi was born in Ahmedabad as the daughter of a entrepreneurial couple. Her parents married for love, something not so common in India, and had to flee their homes to have the life they chose for themselves.

Nidhi was no different, she rebelled against the status quo to do things not expected of women in India: She chose to have a career and to be independent.

After graduating, Nidhi tried her luck in Milan and London, where she furthered her fashion studies.

Nidhi's parents were not supportive of a career in fashion, so she had to pretend to work at a bank. During this time, she worked for big international firms such as Tommy Hilfiger.

One seemingly normal day under the beautiful sunset of Bombay, she met Miguel, a Spaniard expat. Together, they founded Bombay Sunset.

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Q&A with Nidhi Patel

What made you create Bombay Sunset?
Jewellery design is one of my passions. I've designed my jewellery since I remember: I used to sketch it on paper and take it to the local jewellers for making. I also love having the creative space where I can be myself and not worry too much about other things.

Why did you choose the name Bombay Sunset?
Bombay Sunset is the story of love of how I met my boyfriend: under the dim sunset of Bombay.

Why nature, love and art are the values of the brand?
Those are the things that keep me going. Despite everything bad around the world, you can always rely on nature to fix it, love to support it, and art to escape it.

What inspires you the most when designing jewelry?
My sources of inspiration are varied. Sometimes you see a flower and want to depict it, but other times it's something a lot more abstract: how you felt holding someone's hand, or a belief. The key to creativity is not being dogmatic and just being open to the world around you.

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