bombay sunset nidhi patel


Bombay Sunset Is The Pursuit Of Beauty. Timeless Beauty Because The World Will Keep Surprising Us With Memorable Moments, But Deciduous Too Because The Moment Is Gone And Now Lives In Your Soul.

My Designs Are Inspired By Small Things Like The First Flower Of Spring, A Timely Smile, Or A Sunset Spent Looking At The Horizon With A Special Person. But I Don’t Want To Offer Grand Words. You See, In This Pursuit Of Beauty You Need To Live With The Five Senses. Some Of My Favourite Creations Are Inspired By Things You Can´T Even Hold In Your Hands Like A Feeling Of Warmth Or The Scent Of The Sea.

Pablo Picasso Once Said, “The Purpose Of Art Is Washing The Dust Of Daily Life Off Our Souls.” My Creations Are My Memories And Remind Me Of Everything Genuine And Joyful In Life. I Am Thrilled To Share The Beauty In The World With You. Bombay Sunset Is A Pursuit Of Beauty, So Stay Beautiful, And Keep Dreaming.

Nidhi Patel
Creative Director