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As a loving husband and father, I take a lot of pride in always choosing the perfect gifts for the women I love in my life, so in this guide, I want to show you my top 5 gift ideas for each type of women in 2021. I have browsed all over the internet to find the most original and unique gift ideas that will blow her mind.

At home, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by outstanding women such as my wife, and my three lovely daughters of different ages: María just turned 24, and the twins, Elena and Carmen are 28. But they are so different among them. For this reason, what I consider the key to gifting something extraordinary is to pay special attention to the individual characteristics of their personality.

In this guide, I’m going to cover all aspects of gifting so that you know my tricks and tips for gifting women. I can assure you that you will WOW them. But what they will love the most is the fact that the present is from YOU.

Also, consider buying one of the gifts I will suggest later on in this article, and top it up with a box of chocolate, or even flowers.

  • The Most Original and Unique Gifts for Women 2021
  • Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2021
  • Best Birthday Gifts 2021
  • Best Anniversary Gifts for Her 2021
  • Best Prom Gifts for Women and Girls 2021
  • Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 2021
  • Best Gifts for Special Occasions and Events 2021
  • Best Gift Ideas for Women Who Have Everything 2021
  • Gifts for Different Types of Women in Your Life 2021

The Most Original and Unique Gifts for Women 2021

The main goal of this article is to provide you the most original gifts for women in 2021 such as unique and fabulous jewelry pieces, but also more gifting ideas like chocolates, flowers or perfumes. Jewels like necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings are a great idea if you want to surprise and amaze your incredible wife and your lovely and awesome daughters. From silver to gold, from pearls to zircons, you will find the best gift for her. 

gold or silver plated earrings with zircons Bombay Sunset

African Butterfly Ring - 45,00€

Pearl earrings Bombay Sunset

Pearl Karma Earrings - 65,00€

Make a difference and prepare the best gift for the most important women in your life, taking into account their preferences and desires but also their needs. It is essential to please the women in our lives, but we should always let them know that we really appreciate them. So, show some extra love to them with the best gift guide for the different women in your life. It doesn’t matter if it is your wife, your daughter, your mother or your sister, because this list of gifts will become your bible every time you need to give something as a gift and don't know what to give them.

Pearl earrings with zircons

Lisbon Earrings - 75,00€

Chain pearl earrings

Chain Pearl Earrings - 55,00€

Tear drop earrings with zircons

Tear Drop Earrings - 75,00€

Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2021

This is the official day when a man like me loses his mind trying to figure out what's the best gift for his wife or for his mother. Why is that? Because it has to be special. You can’t just gift anything just to comply with the obligation of having to gift something to the women of your life. You must prove with your presents that you are grateful for having them and happy for everything they have achieved. Women are special, essential and necessary in our lives, so it’s time to show your gratitude and express thanks to them. And which better way to thank everything they have done throughout all these years than gifting them with a special and unique piece of jewel or a bunch of flowers?

Here is the list of gifts that I think are perfect for your mother or your wife:

Little birds hoops earrings with pearls Bombay Sunset

Little Birds Hoops - 15,00€-25,00€

Golden Benares Earrings with zircons Bombay Sunset

Golden Benares Earrings - 25,00€ 

Wave Surfer Necklace with pearls Bombay Sunset

Wave Surfer Pearl Necklace - 29,00€

Exclusive and rare jewels that will make a statement in their lives. Jewels with personality and history behind them. Jewels made with delicacy and love to fulfil the desires of them. You can complete the gift and make it even more perfect by adding some flowers or chocolates, or you can also take them to their favourite restaurant and add the finishing touches of the day by gifting them the most special gift for the special women in your life.

Stepping stone earrings with zircons Bombay Sunset

Stepping Stone Earrings - 25,00€
Available in +5 colours

Silver stepping stone earrings Bombay Sunset

Silver Stepping Stone Earrings - 25,00€
Available in black too

Stepping Stone ring with zircons Bombay Sunset

Stepping Stone Ring - 35,00€
Available in +5 colours

Best Birthday Gifts 2021

Birthdays are always present throughout our lives and mean a very special and important day for those who are turning years. However, we don't always get the gift right, especially when you are a man, and you want to give something to a woman, and you have run out of ideas. Shame, right? 

Lotus ring with encrusted zircons Bombay Sunset

Lotus Ring with Encrusted Zircons - 45,00€ 

Don’t worry about it, because in this gift guide you will have everything you will need for at least 5 years full of birthdays. Are you excited and to finally read the GIFT GUIDE you were waiting for? Are you ready to gift something astonishing and amazing? Here it is the essential list that you will have to save for the rest of your life:

Gatzelugatxe Earrings with zircons Bombay Sunset

Gatzelugatxe Earrings - 35,00€

Golden Ibiza Viper Earrings with zircons Bombay Sunset

Golden Ibiza Viper Earrings - 35,00€

Cruise Marbella Earrings with zircons Bombay Sunset

Cruise Marbella Earrings - 45,00€

Pure Love Rose Quartz Necklace Bombay Sunset

Pure Love Rose Quartz Necklace - 55,00€

Melbourne Hoop Earrings with Zircons Bombay Sunset

Melbourne Hoop Earrings - 25,00€

necklace gift women

Infinite Love Stone Necklace - 45,00€

Best Anniversary Gifts for Her 2021

And here comes the day every single man fears: the Anniversary date. And this is due to the pressure we all have when it’s time to gift something unique and romantic for our wives. Get rid of simple, boring and typical gifts that are no longer extraordinary with this 2021 ultimate gift guide for her: a useful guide full of original and unique gifts to surprise your wife in such a special date which is your Anniversary. 

Pearl Cancun necklace Bombay Sunset

Pearl Cancun Necklace - 55,00€

Monaco ring with zircons

Monaco Ring with Zircons - 29,00€

Two hearts necklace with zircons Bombay Sunset

Two Hearts Necklace - 19,00€

Beauty Ring with Zircons- 35,00€

original gift ideas in 2021

African Butterfly Ring - 45,00€

Let’s face it: women are more accurate when it comes to gifting their husbands than we are. Women are the best ones in gifting because they know exactly what we need or what we want. They are always alert to every single detail and they hear and pay attention to us. That is why we need to be up the circumstances and try to gift something which could be unexpected but also amazing for them. We must please them with details and original gifts that could make a difference. 

Best Prom Gifts for Women and Girls 2021

One of the most important days in the life of a woman is her prom day. It's the day your daughter turns from a girl into a woman. It’s a date that will become a watershed in her life, but also a day she will never forget.

White Glow earrings Bombay Sunset

White Glow Earrings - 45,00€

For this reason, you must make sure that it is one of the best days of her life, and one of the best ways to achieve that is by gifting her a unique and exclusive piece of jewelry that she can wear on her graduation day. I’m sure that this gift will make her day even more special because she will remember that her dad was really proud of her. The jewel that you gift her will accompany her on that important day and will always remind her of that special moment. It doesn’t matter if you gift a pair of earrings, a ring, a bracelet or a necklace, she will be happy of having such a great gift from her dad or her mom.

Andaja Hoop Earrings

Andaja Hoop Earrings - 55,00€

Golden Blossom Clutch Bombay Sunset

Golden Blossom Clutch - 175,00€

Cinderella Rings with zircons Bombay Sunset

Cinderella Ring - 55,00€

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 2021

All you need is love… and a perfect gift to surprise her! Both things are important to keep the magic and romanticism until the last minute. It is important to remind her every single day that you are still in love with her no matter what happens. Every detail counts and relationships are a prove that this statement is true. Keep alive the flame of love by gifting your wife something that shows that you are still in love with her despite the pass of time and difficulties. 

Little Hearts Earrings Bombay Sunset

Little Hearts Earrings - 25,00€

present for valentine's day

Nikobar Ring - 39,00€
Golden Benaras Earrings - 25,00€

what to gift my girlfriend

Saint Tropez Ring - 25,00€

Here are the 5 tips to plan the most romantic and perfect Valentine’s Day ever:

1.  Send her flowers in the early morning or deliver them at the office to surprise her.
2.  Plan an intimate dinner at home and cook her favourite dish.
3.  Buy a wine or champagne that she loves.
4.  Put some candles on the table while having dinner.
5.  Finish the day by gifting her a unique piece of jewelry: a ring, a necklace or earrings are a perfect gift idea to remind her that she is still beautiful and that you are still in love with her. She would shine and be stunning wearing the jewel that you gift her.

Salamander earrings with zircons

Salamander Earrings - 35,00€

Best Gifts for Special Occasions and Events 2021

We all have an unexpected event to attend at least once a year, whether it's a wedding, a christening or a first Communion. This is not a problem for men when it comes to what we should wear – we are too simple when choosing outfit. However, it may be a complicated situation for a woman that is not expecting an invitation to attend an event. 

Distant Romance Necklace with pearls

Distant Romance Necklace with pearls - 75,00€

For that reason, you can gift her a different jewel. An original and unique jewel to use for that kind of events and occasions. Jewels with zircons, pearls and gold or silver plated to make special the whole outfit in itself. Thus, unexpected invitations to events won’t be a big deal because your wife would have the perfect accessory for them. Here is a selection of jewels for that special occasions and events: 

FIesta Golden Statement Earrings Bombay Sunset

FIesta Golden Statement Earrings - 85,00€

Crystal Crown Ring

Crystal Crown Ring - 35,00€

Odra Tribe Earrings

Odra Tribe Earrings - 55,00€

Climbing Dahlia Ring with zircons

Climbing Dahlia Ring  - 45,00€

Crystal Spikes Ring Bombay Sunset

Crystal Spikes Ring - 35,00€

Crystal Tears Earrings Bombay Sunset

Crystal Tears Earrings - 115,00€

Tear Splash Ring

Tear Splash Ring - 45,00€

Zeus Earrings Bombay Sunset

Zeus Earrings  - 145,00€

Best Gift Ideas for Women Who Have Everything 2021

I know that sometimes you would think “What should I gift her? She has everything!”. Well, I’m sorry but there is no reason for not doing it. Not only is important to gifting when an important date such as a birthday or anniversary is approaching, but also when there is no reason behind it. Gifting on a random date is also a prove that you still care and think about your wife, your mother, your sister, or your daughter, even if it’s just a small detail to remind her that she is important in your life. 

unique gift for my mother

Multi-Color Stone Cruise Salamander - 45,00€

So, what better way than gifting something rare and unique? Something that she would not buy for herself, but she would love when she has it. It could be an original jewel, a stunning purse, or a delightful perfume. I bet that she would love the initiative of innovating in terms of gifting.

In this following gift list, you will find the best gift ideas for women who have everything, from jewels to accessories.

Gazing Pearl Earrings

Gazing Pearl Earrings - 85,00€

Lotus field Golden Ring

Lotus Field Golden Ring - 35,00€

Golden Rosepoem Bracelet

Golden Rosepoem Bracelet - 155,00€

Astral Pearl Earrings

Astral Pearl Earrings - 45,00€

Fiesta Invitada black Clutch

Fiesta Invitada Clutch - 65,00€

Gifts for Different Types of Women in Your Life 2021

- Gifts for your wife

Tired of not knowing what to gift to your wife? That was my situation before diving into the internet in order to look for the best gifts for the woman I love the most. Here is a list of fashion and impressive gifts to surprise her and make her happier. 

Lotus Pearl Earrings

Lotus Pearl Earrings - 45,00€

Ash Tree Ring Bombay Sunset

Ash Tree Ring - 35,00€

Clover Baroque Pearl Earrings

Clover Baroque Pearl Earrings - 45,00€

Benagil White Clutch Bombay Sunset

Benagil White Clutch - 65,00€

Lotus Pearl Earrings

Autumn Flower Ring - 45,00€

- Gifts for your daughter

Gifting something to a woman could be a tedious task and gifting your daughter something she likes could the most complicated thing that could happen to you. The generational gap between her and you could be an impediment when it comes to gifting. That’s why, after an exhaustive research, I came across the best gifts for a young girl or a woman in her late twenties like my daughters.

Bora Bora Natural Stone Purple Necklace

Bora Bora Natural Stone Necklace - 35,00€

Bora Bora Bracelet Bombay Sunset

Bora Bora Bracelet - 35,00€

Good Luck Pearl Chain Necklace

Good Luck Pearl Chain Necklace - 25,00€

Maldives X Gold Ring - 35,00€

Stepping Stone Climber Earrings - 25,00€

- Gifts for your sister

Your sister can be your soulmate, but I bet that your interests and preferences are different even though you have the same mother. For that reason, here’s a list of cute and amazing gifts for your sister which she would love for sure. The best gift ideas for gifting something special to your sister are here:

The Core Silver Ring with zircons

The Core Ring - 25,00€

Infinite Spark Bracelet with zircons

Infinite Spark Bracelet - 29,00€

Morning Glory flower ring

Morning Glory Ring - 35,00€

Mayfair Earrings with Zircons

Mayfair Earrings - 35,00€

Valley Stud Earrings

Valley Stud Earrings - 25,00€

- Gifts for your best friend

The most important woman of your life needs the best gift ever. She deserves everything. She has been struggling every single day of her life to give you the best life and it's high time you return her everything she has given to you. So, what better way to thank her with unique jewelry? With original pieces of jewelry like earrings, necklaces or rings she would be pleased and happy for having you in her life. 

Shape Shifter Ring

Shape Shifter Ring - 35,00€

Vivid Daisy Pink Ring

Vivid Daisy Ring - 45,00€

Zircons Crown Earrings

Zircons crown Earrings - 29,00€

Mayfair Earrings with Zircons

Golden Leaves Earrings - 35,00€

Gemstone Bracelet - 45,00€

- Gifts for your mother

Everyone has brilliant ideas when it comes to gifting a gift to a mother or a wife, but I’m sure that no one has recommended you what to gift to your best friend. Don’t worry, I have the answers you were looking for: the best gift ideas for your best friend. A complete list of jewels, accessories and flowers or plants that she would love! Show her how much do you appreciate her.

Beyond Earrings

Beyond Earrings - 35,00€

Sultana Grapes Earrings

Sultana Grapes Earrings - 65,00€

Crystal Dots Bracelet

Crystal Dots Bracelet - 35,00€

Madrono Tree Ring - 35,00€

Raw Baroque Pearl Ring with Zircons Bombay Sunset

Raw Baroque Pearl Ring - 35,00€

I hope this article has helped you and thanks to it you can make the most perfect gift for your mother, your wife, your girlfriend, your sister or your daughter. Give the women in your life the most unique and original gifts of 2021 and show them how much you love them. The best gifts are the ones that make the difference.

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