5 Best Gold Designer Earrings: Latest Designs

5 Best Gold Designer Earrings: Latest Designs

Out of all types of designer earrings, gold designer earrings are the most sought after for their refined look and versatility. If we look at the biggest red-carpet events, they look nothing but a showcase of the latest earring designs in gold, and the reason is that they look fantastic with any evening look.

You can wear a gorgeous pair of gold earrings with a red gown, or with a short black dress, or with a khaki jumpsuit, or with outfit for that matter. And you will always look superb because gold looks stunning with anything. Gold designer earrings are like a wildcard that you can always wear.

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Natalie Portman (pictures at the top) has effortlessly worn gold designer earrings at the Oscar ceremony this year 2020. Just a small golden hoop was enough to elevate her look to the refinement that characterizes her. In her case, a simple gold hoop and a gold ring made her, because sometimes that’s all you need.

Gold designer earrings studs

Another options is to wear gold designer earring studs when you just want to have a dash of gold without over-doing it. Now, I have to tell you that in my opinion there is nothing like “over-doing it” when it comes to jewellery since the right pair of gold earrings is that that makes you feel great.

gold designer stud

In the category of studs, the golden Summer Stud Earrings are possibly my favourites. They are gold-plated with 13 stunning zircon stones decorating the tail of a shooting star, and a champagne or amber colour stones symbolizing the subtle reflection of the moon at night.

It looks stunning doesn’t it? It’s available also with a black stone, but somehow, I feel that the subtleness of the amber colour stone makes it easy we combine with any look as it’s a neutral colour.

Designer statement earrings

In this category of gold designer earrings, I shortlist the most fashion-forward and avant-garde earring designs, appropriate for the creatively free ladies who wish to stand on their feet and let their personality shine with both their smile and fashion choices.

gold latest design earrings

Perhaps the Raipur earrings are the most iconic pair of statement earrings to talk about. They are perfect for red carpet but also for dinner parties, weddings and special occasions. This gold designer earring represents the drops of moist that fall from raw natures in the morning. These earrings are unique thanks to their encrusted zircons and chandelier shape.

Another pair of gold statement earring worth mentioning are the Amritsar Golden earrings, inspired by the royalty of Corboda, Spain in the 14th century. The inspiration has a mix of Arabic-inspired and modern influences in its round motifs and ornamental pearls. Also, this design is affordable too if you are on a limited budget.

long gold designer earrings

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings in gold are in trend at the moment and is one of the hottest items in fashion in 2020. Hoop earrings are a great choice because they are not classic like some long earrings and at the same time they are trendy and cool.

gold hoop earrings

The Wild Hoop Golden earrings are among my favourite here. They look extremely cool thanks to their golden floral motifs on the hoop. As their name state, there are wild! Wear with caution.

Designer earrings on sale

Designer earrings are rarely on sale because so much work is out into them. Also, for the most elaborate pieces there is a lot of hand-work and high levels of craftsmanship involved, which makes it difficult to offer discounts.

However, as an extra tip for you, I would recommend that you subscribe to the newsletter (click here) as sometimes discounts are announced. Also, at the time of writing this post there is a 10% discount for your first purchase.

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