Four of the Best Jewellery Trends for Spring & Summer 2020

Four of the Best Jewellery Trends for Spring & Summer 2020

While current events in the world mean that we might not be able to rock the latest additions to our jewellery boxes, we can certainly admire them in all their beauty, and perhaps even invest in a few extra pieces. With the arrival of sunnier days, we think it’s time to celebrate some of the best jewellery trends around this year, and you can find plenty of them right here at Bombay Sunset. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of our favourite pieces that you can wear to help capture some of 2020’s most popular jewellery trends. 

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Animal Motifs

While we used to associate animal motifs with our childhood wardrobe, they’re now back for 2020 with a stylish, grown up twist. Spotted in the collections of Balmain, Dior and Carolina Herrera, you can embrace those spring and summer vibes with a whole array of creatures, including birds, insects and more. 

One of the more subtle ways to wear this trend is with your earrings. We especially love the Amazonia Hummingbird Earrings, which capture the vibes of the rainforest perfectly. These lightweight and subtle earrings make a beautiful addition to any outfit and are encrusted with zircons to bring plenty of sparkle. For those who want to make a statement, these Airavata Golden Elephant Earrings will be a unique and stunning addition to your jewellery box. Gold and ruthenium plated, this hand sculpted piece is part of our Ramayana Collection, inspired by the white elephant Airavata, who transported Lords of the Valley. While we’re also looking at our Ramayana Collection, we feel it’s only right to mention these gorgeous Ram Ramayana Earrings, which will make a wonderful finishing touch to any outfit. Perfect for parties or summer weddings, these statement earrings are zircon encrusted and feature real Khundan stones for plenty of glamour. 

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Perfect Pearls

Bring a touch of timeless style to your jewellery collection with some pearly perfection. Pearl jewellery made a prominent appearance in the spring and summer collections for 2020, featuring in the collections of designers such as Jason Wu and more. This feminine, timeless piece can be worn in a whole number of ways and is wearable on virtually any piece of jewellery. 

One of our favourite pieces capturing the pearl trend are these Pearl Crown Earrings. These handcrafted, gold plated earrings featured delicately placed pearls inspired by late 50s style and are perfect for any occasion. Or, for a slightly different take, these Crown Laurel with Pearl Earrings are also a wonderful choice. The shiny, gold plated metal adds a beautiful, elegant touch to your look and is finished with a beautiful resin pearl for a fabulous, feminine feel. For those who want to up their pearl game, we especially love this Raw Baroque Pearl Ring, which will help you really channel your inner mermaid this summer. Available in three beautiful colours, this stunning ring features a hand selected real Baroque pearl, along with encrusted zircons and is fully adjustable, making it the perfect gift for someone special. Alternatively, for some more subtle everyday glamour, we love these Astral Pearl Earrings. Featuring Khundan crystals and inspired by the beauty of the cosmos, these small but stunning earrings are perfect for everyday wear but will still make the perfect addition to any formal outfit too. 

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Supersize Hoops

Supersize hoops well and truly made a comeback for spring and summer 2020, with pieces featuring in the collections of Victoria Beckham, Caroline Herrera and Sies Marjaran. Whatever your preference, whether it’s door knocker style or double hoops, this is a trend that’s all about standing out! 

One of our favourite ways to rock the supersize hoops is with these Cantaora Hoop Earrings. These unique zircon encrusted, gold plated hoops will ensure you stand out, whatever you wear. Adding a whole helping of style and chic to your look, wear them with your hair up to really show them off. If you’re a newbie to the hoops trend, start out small with something light and subtle. These Hammock Pearl Earrings are a great choice and feature encrusted crystals finished off with a resin pearl. A stunning option to pair with any outfit, they’re an accessory that will bring plenty of glamour. Alternatively, go for these beautiful Andaman Hoop Earrings, which are lightweight and versatile enough to wear every day. The small crystals that feature ensure plenty of sparkle, while the warm gold tones are great for wearing in the sunshine. 

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Colourful Stones

Finally, another jewellery trend we’re loving is all about colour. Many fashion collections for spring and summer 2020 featured a whole array of beautiful colours, and there was truly something for everyone. Whether you love soft and gentle pastel shades or rich, bold colours, jewellery with colourful gemstones is one way to brighten up your outfit this season. Whether you choose to pair them with darker colours to brighten up a basic outfit or pair with clashing shades to create a bold and vibrant look, the possibilities are endless. 

Our Solana Golden Flower Earrings are one of our favourite pieces that captures this trend. Inspired by drops of water in the lake in the Pyramees mountains, they feature a beautiful blue stone surrounded by sparkling zircons. Combined with the black and gold flowers, they’re the perfect piece for wearing this spring. For others who love rich and vibrant colours, these Benares Earrings are a great option without over-accessorising. Choose from a selection of stunning colour crystals that will compliment your everyday look perfectly! Alternatively, if you’re looking for something versatile that you can wear day after day, our Half Sun Teardrop Earrings are the perfect choice. These dainty studs are crafted with 925 silver and feature a beautiful semi-precious stone for extra sparkle. Wonderfully versatile, they will also make a fabulous gift for a loved one!

color stone crystal bracelet

If you’re more a fan of softer, candy inspired shades, we love this Baroque Crystal Ring, which will ensure you make a statement this season. Perfect for special occasions, this stunning ring is available in a refreshing blue or a warm and flirty pink and will add plenty of sparkle to your look. Fully adjustable too, it will sit proudly on even the daintiest of hands! We also love this fabulous Crystal Bracelet, which features a bright and friendly floral design that is perfect for spring and summer. This vibrant bracelet comes in a variety of different colours so you can choose the best shade to match your mood - or even go for more than one!

We hope this has given you plenty of inspiration when it comes to your spring and summer jewellery pieces. At Bombay Sunset we have a whole selection of beautiful designs that will help you stand out, whatever the occasion, so whether you’re in the market for a statement ring or a subtle everyday pair of earrings, there’s something for everyone!

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Written by Amy Jackson - Content Writer at My Favourite Voucher Codes - 24th April 2020