What is Kundan: The Stone of India

What is Kundan: The Stone of India

Kundan is a gemstone style specifically from India. The particularity of the Kundan goes far beyond being from India, because it is also a style of jewelry that brings with it some gems, and at the same time a gold foil between the stones and the mounts. Kundan jewelry style or this Indian jewelry, generally applies to elaborate necklaces.

The word Kundan for the Hindu culture means high purity, so this type of Indian earrings or this type of jewelry from India, is known as the most refined type of jewelry that exists from those origins, especially also for its composition, because the Kundan jewelry from India usually involves pieces of refined gold.

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about this style of Indian jewelry, including where you can buy it online.

We offer you from very useful tips to even historical facts which will allow to know everything you need to know about this Indian jewelry, including also advices when buying Kundan jewelry and the best sites on the internet to buy Indian earrings.

Kundan Jelwery from India

Kundan jewelry or Kundan jewelry from India, is very important in that region for two reasons: In the first place because it was created, invented and made in India, but also because it has made the world known through Bollywood actresses.

It is important to say that Bollywood is the mecca of Indian cinema, which somehow competes against the mecca of American cinema, Hollywood.

Kundan jewelry from India is very particular and very special because its finish is extremely perfect, this is because ancient Indian techniques are used in the elaboration of this type of jewelry, which at the same time also makes them very valuable.

What is Kundan Jelwery

As we said earlier in this same article, Kundan jewelry from India is a very fine, very refined, perfect-finished type of jewelry that is manufactured in India, and since the Indian film industry has been given to know as a highly elegant and very valuable product in the whole world. However, below, we will tell you some deeper and specific details, and even how it is manufactured and how Kundan jewelry is made from India.

When it comes to Kundan jewelry of India, the earrings stand out. Kundan earrings from India, as we have mentioned before, are very popular because they are shown by Bollywood actresses in Indian films. However, this type of earrings beyond having been used by those renowned actresses, were created in a process of elaboration quite delicate and highly refined that we will tell you below.

Kundan jewelry from India is made by placing diamonds very delicately, cut in the finest and unworked, with multicolored gemstones. These stones are used in the Kundan earrings and in the rest of the Kundan jewelry of India, they are usually multicolored and are created on a base of pure gold with exclusive and exquisite designs.

What is Kundan Stone

The Kundan Stone is also known as Kudai. The Kudai is the result of a very fine and delicate process in which Kundan jewelry from India is made.

During this process of precious stones that are used to elaborate the Kundan earrings and the Kundan jewelry in general, they join in a virgin way at first. They are precious stones that are completely out of work during the beginning of the process. Once progress is being made in the development of the Kundan jewelry of India, in the end, when all pieces are already joined and the sheets have finally been made and amalgamated, the precious stones that are sublime are polished They are used in Kundan jewelry from India

The most common gemstones used in the process of making or creating Kundan jewelry from India, are the following: Pearls, Diamonds, Topazes, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Jades, Amethysts, Agates, Crystals and Garnets.

Types of Kundan

Kundan jewelry from India is almost always sold in a set that includes a very elaborate necklace and a pair of Kundan earrings from India, which are equally refined in their making process.

Among the types of Kundan jewelry, in addition to necklaces and earrings, there are also Kundan chokers, Kundan bracelets, Kundan rings, Kundan anklets, bracelets and other accessories.

Now, we need to point out once again that the most sold on the internet or the most wanted by many people, is that elementary set that includes Kundan necklaces from India and Kundan earrings from India.

Where to buy Kundan Jelwery online

There are different sites on the Internet that we can buy Kundan jewelry from India, but very few of them offer you the best tips to choose the best Kundan earrings from India.

Choosing the best Kundan earrings requires having all the knowledge about Kundan Jewelry and Indian Jewelry in general. We have that knowledge and we are happy to share it with you so we can help you to pick the best Kundan earrings and Kundan Jewelry for you.