Big earrings. Best tips for 2020

Big earrings. Best tips for 2020

UPDATED 07-07-2020


Are big earrings in style 2020? The answer is yes, the big earring trend is bigger than ever. Then the answer to the question “Can I wear big earrings?” is also a big yes, 2020 is your best chance to wear big earrings!


  • Why wear big earrings and When to wear big earrings
  • How to wear big earrings
  • Main types of big earrings:
  • Where to buy big earrings
  • Are big earrings bad for your ears?
  • Earrings closure types
  • How big should earrings be?
  •  How to wear big earrings depending on the shape of your face.
  • How to match earrings with your hairstyle




Why wear big earrings and When to wear big earrings

Big earrings are with no doubt, the most stylish accessory. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for big bridal earrings, or golden long earrings for a quick catch up with your bestie, big earrings are the best choice for your looks.


How to wear big earrings

Big earrings do not discriminate, and we know as a fact that many of you have asked yourselves, can you wear big earrings with glasses? can you wear big earrings with short hair? can I wear big earrings and a necklace? Or big earrings with fringe? The list never ends, but the answer to all of these questions is again YES. You can wear big earrings with absolutely A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G


Main types of big earrings:

Long Earrings. Long earrings are one of the top coming fashion tendencies this season, and there is a wide variety of long earring designs. With Golden earrings topping up as the most popular earrings, crystal earrings and stone earrings also appear on the most popular earrings list.


Hoop Earrings. We have always been in love with hoop earrings, and thank god they are back!! With tons of new innovating designs that completely change the rules of the game.


Golden Earrings. During the last decade, Golden earrings took a step back, and silver earrings drove fashion firmly and steady, but during the last 2 years Golden earrings have been proved to be ready to blossom again.


Earrings with Stone. While during the last years resin stones became widely popular due to its beauty and cheap price. Natural encrusted crystals are back. They offer great color, shine, and they are amazingly light! They are often combined with zircons to get that extra which converts them into something unique.



Where to buy big earrings

Nowadays, the most notorious brands are aware of the importance of the internet, and their collections can always be checked as if you were in a private showroom. Relevant information is displayed, and they will happily assist you if you have any concerns.


Are big earrings bad for your ears?

This question is usually wrong, being the actual question to be asked: “are HEAVY earrings bad for your ears? The answer is they are, but only if you overuse them, and most importantly, do not EVER go to bed with them! This big vs. The heavy difference is very common, that is why if you are looking for big earrings, you can simply aim for big, but lighter designs. Here you have a few tips. Copper is a much lighter material than silver, while it also is a very high-quality material, and natural crystals and resin pearls will stand out without adding extra weight to it. Earrings with zircón Stone Will bright on any occasion. Also, when it comes to weight, a very important subject to be taken into consideration is the type of closure. Different earrings closure can imply extra comfort.


Earrings closure types

Dangle earrings. This type of closure is applied on many big earrings, but it is important to be careful with weight. Dangle earrings push down all the weight, so it should be used for lighter designs.


Push back earrings. This is the most common type of earrings closure. Works perfectly as it is fixed with a screw, and it case it feels heavy, it can always be assured with silicons in order to increase friction and make it more comfortable.


Clip earrings. This type of closure is very popular for those who don't have pierced ears. It consists on a strong clip which makes it very comfortable to put on and off. Not recommended for a long time.

Omega clip earrings. This is a best seller. Combining push back  and clip closure, it not only "captures" the ear, but it also avoids your earrings to push down. Its in our opinion your best choice when it comes to big earrings.



How big should earrings be?

The size of your earrings depends almost exclusively on how comfortable you feel with them. Some women feel pretty with the biggest earrings, and some others do not feel comfortable with them even if they look gorgeous. So your personal likes are the biggest consideration for the size of your earrings.

Apart from this, there are are some basic points to take into consideration, and these the shape of your face, the style of your hair, and your neckline.



 How to wear big earrings depending on the shape of your face:

When choosing earrings, the shape of your face matters, and earrings are a great way to lay with proportions.

If you have an oval face then you are lucky! You can wear any type and size. You are one of those lucky women who don’t even need to try them on 😉

If you have a longer face, we encourage you to pick wider earrings. It doesn’t matter if they are long earrings or button earrings, you are going to look fabulous.


If you have a diamond face, then you have a great proportion of huge earrings. You can go for big earrings that are not only long earrings but also massive earrings. Don’t be afraid of adding volume and visual weight.


How to match earrings with your hairstyle

Earrings for hair let down, long earrings are your perfect companion. You can consider the color of your hair to create a bigger effect or to diminish it. Dark hair Will highlight Golden earrings while blond hair is going to create the same effect by adding a touch of color.

How to match earrings with short hair. Short hair creates a dramatic effect, and every design is going to he highlighted at its best. Earcuffs are a great choice to give a fresh and edgy look, with crystals as its best companion. But if you want something else, big earrings are going to make you look stunning.


How to match earrings with a ponytail. This is not an easy selection, but with this hairstyle, large statement earrings are an easy win.

How to match earrings with curly hair. For this hairstyle, we strongly encourage you to go for wider designs, in order to subtly change the proportions. Big Golden earrings seem to be the best pick for us!