Trending zodiac necklaces for your star sign

Trending zodiac necklaces for your star sign
Zodiac sign necklace
Zodiac Star sign jewellery has become one of the most trending jewellery pieces in the jewellery industry. Be it zodiac necklaces or zodiac rings, companies who are good at making them always sell out on those. People always want a way to find connection to their inner self and one of them is zodiac constellation necklaces.
We’ve seen celebrities showing off their massive crystal collection and promoting self-love, and some of them even carry them along with them, be it in their bags or wearing their zodiac birthstone necklaces. I´ve often found myself going to the internet and searching for my birth stone or my birth stone necklace. While some prefer silver plating, I prefer gold plated zodiac pendant necklace. One of the reasons that zodiac jewellery is so trending is also because it is an easy gift for your loved ones. Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be a difficult task but if you know your partner´s zodiac sign then a zodiac necklace or ring would be a great choice. But a zodiac necklace attached with your partners birth stone would be even a better choice. Birth stone jewellery are said to have some amazing healing powers and can also help you feel a sense of calmness in your life. A small rose quartz or amethyst stone attached to your zodiac pendant can really help you get through your day if you´re someone who is really into astrology.
Zodiac constellation necklace
At Bombay sunset we have designed the best-looking zodiac pendant necklace that you´re looking for. The light weight, gold plated chain attached to your zodiac constellation and your birthstone will be the perfect accessory that you can carry in your day-to-day life.


Zodiac star sign jewellery

Star sign pendant necklace

There are 12-star signs for each month and at Bombay sunset we have covered them all for you. A star sign pendant necklace with your zodiac birth stone attached to it will make sure you stand out among your friends. And if maybe your friends like it, a zodiac star sign jewellery would be a perfect gift for him or her as well. Astrology and horoscope are always a good conversation starter and having your very own star sign pendant necklace is a plus point.

Birthstone necklace
  • Know your birthstone

A birthstone is a natural stone that represents your star sign. Some of them are amethyst, garnet, peridot, moonstone. These birthstone have special but different powers to cleanse your aura. If you are someone who is interested in birthstones and healing stones, then zodiac birthstone necklaces are the perfect accessory for you.

Necklaces to match your personality

If you are looking for necklaces or jewellery that are true representation of your personality, then zodiac pendant necklaces would be the right choice. Constellation necklaces will not only be a unique piece in your wardrobe but will also make your outfit look put together.

Aries zodiac pendant necklace
  • Aries zodiac necklace

Bold and competitive Aries always prefer to be number one as they are number one in the zodiac list. Well then of course our Aries zodiac necklace would be the number choice for them. Aries, in order to be dressed among your pals, add our Aries pendant necklace and for sure you will be so.

Taurus zodiac necklace
  • Taurus zodiac necklace

Taurus always like things that are EXTRA! And go for things head on. A trending zodiac necklace would be the last thing they want to miss. Well, taurus constellation is one of the most prominent constellations and so is our taurus zodiac pendant necklace.

Gemini constellation necklace
  • Gemini zodiac necklace

Gemini´s are a true representation of balance which is quite obvious as their star symbol is celestial twins. And if you´re a Gemini who´s also a pearl lover then we have the perfect zodiac birth stone necklace for you. Gemini zodiac necklace with pearl is the perfect thing you can have in your wardrobe.

Cancer star sign necklace
  • Cancer zodiac necklace

A typical cancer would be extremely emotional and attached to his friends and families. If you have a cancer friend, then the cancer zodiac pendant necklace would be the perfect gift for your friend and will make sure that your friendship will grow even stronger.

Leo birth sign necklace
  • Leo zodiac necklace

Represented by the lion, Leo’s are someone who love to lead. Our Leo constellation necklace with peridot is also true representation of confidence. If you are a Leo who wants to be seen, then the Leo zodiac necklace will be perfect for you.

Virgo zodiac necklace
  • Virgo zodiac necklace

One of the most practical zodiac signs yet always has something or the other going on their mind. The Virgo zodiac pendant with lapis stone which is said to have strong calming power will be the right choice for them.

Libra constellation necklace
  • Libra zodiac necklace

Libra´s are your everyday spider-man, always fighting for justice and expecting nothing but affection in return. So, if you have a friend who is a libra, a libra constellation necklace would be the perfect gift for them.

Scorpio star sign jewellery
  • Scorpio zodiac necklace

One of the most loyal but mysterious signs. Their birthstone is a true representation of them, aquamarine stone has the power to make people plainspoken, and our constellation necklace is just the right choice.

Gold Sagittarius necklace
  • Sagittarius zodiac necklace

Known for being risk takers, having a Sagittarius friend means that you´ll be going places. A trending zodiac necklace as a gift for your Sagittarius friend will make sure that they will tag you along with them.

Capricorn pendant necklace
  • Capricorn zodiac necklace

Known as one of the most hard-working zodiac signs, Capricorns are ambitious and determined. Our Zodiac necklace with green garnet is a true representation of that.

Aquarius birth sign necklace
  • Aquarius zodiac necklace

Aquarius an air sign just like the air are free-spirited and easy going. A free-spirited zodiac necklace with the power of lapis birthstone is just the perfect accessory for them.

Pisces pendant necklace
  • Pisces zodiac necklace

Your Pisces friend are the most intuitive ones, they will see a red flag even before you do. Our Pisces zodiac necklace with amethyst represents compassion and creativity.

Zodiac sign jewellery
In the coming years these trending zodiac necklaces for your star signs are here to stay. Constellation necklaces are not only the perfect gift for your loved ones but also for yourself. People are now getting more and more involved into astrology and horoscope and if you want to get on this trend then zodiac necklace and other zodiac jewellery are the right way to start. The good thing about these astrology necklaces are that they can be used for both, your everyday look and your date nights too. At Bombay sunset you´ll find the highest quality zodiac jewellery encrusted with zircons. With our zodiac pendant necklaces, you´d want to check your horoscope daily.