Indian Earrings

Indian Earrings

India has a lenghty history with jewelry and particularly indian earrings. The rich history is only explained by years and years of relatively low international exchange, which made earrings so unique. Because India had a plentiful precious metals to make kundan jewelry and big earrings, its economy prospered. By approximately the year 1500 before christ, the inhabitants from what was known as the Indus Valley were known for creating jade necklaces, kudan jewelry, bead necklaces, and big earrings. Before the century of 2100 Before Christ, before the time when precious metals were common knowledge, the biggest jewellery exchange in the Indian subcontinent was the bead trade. But beads within India were at the time being created by using not so complextechniques. Big earrings, kundan jewellery and unique styles are a central feature to Indian culture.

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Jewellery had great status with India's royalty it had been so effective they established laws and regulations, restricting putting on of jewelry to royalty. Thankfully now the craft has been shared with the world with designers like Nidhi Patel so that you can buy Indian jewelry online.

The "jewellery as art" movement was spearheaded by artisans for example Robert Lee Morris and ongoing by designers for example Gill Forsbrook within the United kingdom. Influence using their company cultural forms can also be apparent. An example of the is jewelry-big jewelry types of jewellery, made popular by Bollywood artists in early twenty-first century, e.g. grills, a kind of jewellery worn within the teeth.

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