Indian Earrings: Big Kundan Jewellery and Unique Earrings

Indian Earrings: Big Kundan Jewellery and Unique Earrings

The art of Indian craftsman is known to a global scale. India is home to many ancient and gorgeous techniques such as kundan jewellery. This is perhaps the reason to celebrate designer Nidhi Patel of Bombay Sunset. Her collections of unique designs are celebrated for its originality and artistry.

Indian Earrings

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Earrings are a central element to Indian culture. It is rare to see an Indian woman without earrings and they are user to express mood. This is the reason that jewellery is so embedded in al aspects of Indian culture.

Jhumka Earrings

Each Indian region has a different style of jewellery making. Bombay Sunset’s designer, Nidhi, is originally from Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat.

Big Earrings

It is obvious that Indian women love wearing earrings all day everyday. Big and gorgeous styles are the norm and colors, a necessary standard to stand out from the crowd. But the realm of desings is not limited to earrings only: Haat pan bracelets, rings, and necklaces are important too.

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Kundan Jewellery

Kundan is our favourite technique for its unique look. Kundan stones are made out of melted glass. It just feels like jewellery comes to life when you wear it. Kundan illuminates your face in a way no other stone can.

kundan jewellery

Unique Earrings

So whatever the occasion and need, Bombay Sunset has unique styles for you. You can buy Indian Earrings online from our website – unique earrings from designer Nidhi Patel. You are always welcome to browse though our collection and reach us on Instagram if you have any questions!

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It is no surprise that renown stars choose to wear Indian Earrings from Bombay Sunset. The latest icons in this style are the artist Lucia Fernanda, who worn Bombay Sunset designs in her latest video, La Manta. Or Carmen Lomana, who loves a big Indian piece every now and then.