Our brand exemplifies the perfect blend of artistry, sustainability, and cultural heritage in its exquisite creations. Each piece is a testament to the brand's dedication to providing customers with exceptional craftsmanship and lasting beauty.The brand firmly believes that quality should never be compromised, and this dedication shines through in every meticulously crafted piece.


The brand utilizes 18k gold plating on its jewelry, adding a touch of opulence and luxury to the pieces. At the heart of its creations lies the use of white bronze, a material known for its stunning beauty and durability providing the perfect canvas for intricate designs that captivate the senses.


 We are renowned for our high-quality zircon jewelry. These exquisite pieces exude elegance and sophistication, as zircon is chosen for its brilliance and resemblance to diamonds.We prioritize the comfort and well-being of our customers by offering a range of hypoallergenic materials. Understanding that allergies and sensitivities can be a concern for many individuals, the brand has taken careful measures to ensure that its accessories are safe and suitable for all. 
Hypoallergenic materials used by Bombay Sunset are specifically chosen to minimize the risk of skin irritations and allergic reactions. These nickel-free alloys are known for their compatibility with sensitive skin, allowing customers to enjoy wearing their jewelry without discomfort. The brand sources high-quality hypoallergenic materials that meet stringent standards for safety and quality. We use materials that are carefully selected for their non-reactive properties and are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet the brand's commitment to hypoallergenic design. By utilizing hypoallergenic materials, We ensure that individuals with sensitive skin can confidently wear their accessories without worrying about adverse reactions. This inclusive approach allows customers to experience the beauty and elegance of the brand's pieces without sacrificing comfort or compromising their well-being. We go to great lengths to ensure that every piece reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship. A lot of other brands compromise on quality without it being noticed but Bombay Sunset remains unwavering in its commitment to delivering exceptional products that surpass expectations. The brand firmly believes that quality should never be compromised, and this dedication shines through in every meticulously crafted piece. 


The brand's commitment to sustainability is reflected in its ready-to-wear collection. Bombay Sunset offers a range of garments made from 100% cotton, ensuring comfort and breathability for the wearer. The brand goes the extra mile by sourcing the best cotton from renowned Indian states, ensuring the highest quality, and supporting local artisans. This careful selection of cotton elevates the brand's apparel, providing customers with a luxurious and enjoyable wearing experience. These garments feature ancient block prints, a traditional technique that adds a touch of cultural heritage and intricate patterns. The long hours spent in block printing are a testament to the dedication and passion of the artisans. It is through their unwavering commitment and skilled craftsmanship that the beauty and uniqueness of block-printed fabrics are brought to life. What sets Bombay Sunset apart is its commitment to dyeing these garments without the use of harmful chemicals, aligning with its sustainability goals and minimizing environmental impact.

Indian craftsmanship holds a special place in the heart of Bombay Sunset. The brand deeply values the techniques and traditions associated with jewelry making, cotton apparel production, and the ancient block printing process. By embracing these techniques, Bombay Sunset pays homage to the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship and the skilled artisans who keep these traditions alive. This love for Indian craftsmanship infuses the brand's creations with a unique charm and a sense of cultural appreciation.